Mondaine Helvetica ‘Spiekermann’ won Gold in the 2017 Berlin Design Awards

The new Mondaine Helvetica series is designed by the renowned typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann after Mondaine’s Helvetica Collection took off and gained a loyal consumer following.

The Mondaine Helvetica Erik Spiekermann Collection remains precise, stylish and discreet, yet strong in conviction. It truly stands out due to its series of unique features, such as Erik’s signature on the case back and its preservation of Mondaine's iconic red second hand.

Available in Light, Regular and Bold, all models feature a Swiss quartz movement and scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

The Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Collection was the first to incorporate the recognizable typeface into its watches, making the dial easy to read and elegant to look at, allowing the models to be seen as a true example of strength and aesthetic precision.