pin Cruise Travel on the rebound in 2022

Cruise Travel on the rebound in 2022

Trade publication ‘Travel Markets Insider’ recently commented on the rebound in cruise travel, pointing out to the industry’s resilience and leadership regarding health and safety issues, among others, all of it being now materialized by bookings. During the past four weeks, cruise bookings have been twice as strong as this time last year, tendency which is expected to continue throughout the travel season.

The ‘AAA Travel Group’ also noted that, after the pandemic’s initial impact, cruise tourism is making a strong comeback. “Destinations are loosening travel restrictions and Cruise Lines hope to reach full capacity in the second half of the year”, said Debbie Haas, VP of Travel for AAA. Ms. Haas continued…”Our Travel Agency is seeing a wide mix of bookings, ranging from weekend excursions to worldwide voyages.

Also noted by AAA is an increased level of traveler confidence, as Covid cases continue to decrease and the U.S Center for Disease Control lowered its cruise warning to the lowest level since the Corona virus started. The same data reflects that 43% of Americans who are planning to cruise in the future are satisfied with the cruise industry’s response to the pandemic and the safety protocols implemented.

At Duty Free Dynamics, we remain committed to the support of our Cruise Lines travel retail partners, as they continue to approach full recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

Source: Travel Market Insider Vol. 23-10, AAA Travel

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