pin Duty Free Dynamics’ presence in  Global Travel Retail

Duty Free Dynamics’ presence in Global Travel Retail

The Duty-Free and Travel Retail Industry is a sector of great importance in the world’s economy, a unique retail segment with strong and consistent global growth year after year: TRAVEL.

The term “Travel retail” refers to all sales made in a travel environment, including both Duty Free and Duty Paid sales, where exclusive products are generally offered through world-class marketing executions.

Duty Free and Travel Retail sales take place in highly regulated retail spaces which are closely governed by customs authorities across the globe, at Airports, Seaports, Cruise ships, Ferries, and Border stores.

Duty Free Dynamics is a leading one-stop partner for the development of global brands throughout the World Travel Retail channel, providing a robust added value proposition to brands and retail operators alike.

Point-of-sale promotions, visual merchandising designs, and digital activations in social networks are some of the marketing tools that DFD utilizes in the Travel Retail marketplace, in order to encourage purchases, as well as to promote its brand portfolio, increase partners’ brand awareness and enhance customers’ shopping experience.

This effective point-of-sale marketing approach is especially important to capture the attention of traveling customers through the development and implementation of mono-brand stores and shop-in-shop retail concepts.

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DFD’s added value and ever-improving customized service to its partner travel retailers, maximize the opportunity to attract, engage and convert travelers into shoppers.

DFD supports its brand partners’ development within the Travel Retail channel by providing retail concepts that would optimize the brand’s exposure, revenue stream, and expansion around the globe, through an extensive Travel Retail distribution network.

The ‘Order Entry System’ (OES) is an exclusive platform created by DFD, following through with its ever-present commitment to excel in the area of Customer Service. ‘OES’ is a user-friendly environment where partner retail operators can log in and place orders securely and efficiently from within multi-option settings.

Through this site, partners can have access to brands, products, and promotions available in different regions; they also have the ability to select or combine items in any way, for the order to be processed and shipped within 72 hours.

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