pin DUTYFREEMAG:  DFD and Dufry introducing SEIKO pop-up shop in Mexico City Interna

DUTYFREEMAG: DFD and Dufry introducing SEIKO pop-up shop in Mexico City Interna

Master franchisor Duty Free Dynamics and global travel retailer Dufry is partnering to set up a SEIKO pop-up shop in Mexico City International Airport’s Terminal 1, at the high-end, luxury brands store #126. This joint initiative is a response to the ever-increasing trend of travelers’ demand for quality timepieces, exemplified by Seiko at a reasonable price point.

This eye-catching, expertly staffed, pop-up shop features two counters displaying a wide assortment of watches from Seiko’s product line-up and showcases the brand’s “Save the Ocean” Special Edition, an Automatic Diver’s Watch with Cal.4R36 & 200m water resistance.

Teaming up with Fabien Cousteau, acclaimed underwater explorer, this Special Edition watch was designed by Seiko with a central nautical theme: blue oceanic wave lines and a unique dial pattern and color, never seen before.

Joining the efforts to raise awareness and concern for marine conservation, Seiko will continue to donate a portion of its “Save the Ocean” global sales to Fabien’s Ocean Learning Center organization.

Arnaud Ryser, Business Development Manager, Duty Free Dynamics, says: “This new initiative is in line with our new business model. We started with the watch category using the old-fashioned wholesale distribution model, but since 2019 we are changing our business model and shifting to become a regional master franchisor of non-traditional brand initiatives for Americas’ travel retail channel. We no longer call ourselves a distributor; we call ourselves a master franchisor. In this sense, DFD’s strategy is to partner with operators in the region and offer them franchise opportunities within many different brand categories. In this case, the SEIKO pop-up shop in Mexico City International Airport is just the first of many similar initiatives.”

Last month’s exposure of the pop-up shop generated sales beyond expectations. A similar response is anticipated for its re-activation coming up in November.

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