pin Meet Francisco Suárez, Category Manager for Watches

Meet Francisco Suárez, Category Manager for Watches

Describe your professional trajectory as a Category Manager.


I have extensive experience in the premium goods sector, specifically in watchmaking. I started my professional background in the Retail industry, with a luxury and premium brands specialization. Later on, in my career, I focused on regional distribution dynamics and various industry segments.


What have been the biggest challenges you faced within your category during 2020?


The biggest challenge has been adapting to the new consumer behavior trends due to the pandemic.

Finding new ways of reaching customers has been a priority in business terms.


What do you anticipate, in DFD and in the market, to be the greatest challenge(s) to overcome for your category(ies) this new year?


One of the most significant challenges will be maintaining business visibility despite multiple constraints in various countries and organizational changes. As well, driving the client to a positive and optimistic recovery outlook for 2021.


What is the best advice you can give your customers to optimize their business in 2021?


My advice would be to stay in touch with your customers and use all possible tools to remain in their top of mind—preparation for the upturn and being ready for a clearer sky that will surely come soon.


What do you like to do, in airports, while waiting to board your flight?


I always like to check out the airport's commercial environment, what's up and coming. Airport trends reflect international trends; A micro-world of its own and a mirror of regional or global patterns.


Rate you Top 3 favorite airports and explain the reasons why.


My favorite airports are Ezeiza and Panama for emotional reasons and Zurich for its organization and the atmosphere surrounding great watch brands.


What innovation recommendation for travel retail can you make to your customers?


A recommendation would be to send a positive message of encouragement and strength through promotions that acknowledge those first-time travelers. Whether they are travelling for business, vacation, or any other reason, it is important to show empathy towards them; Thank them for their trust with small gestures and the best shopping experience you can provide. Sales are, first and foremost, an emotional decision. Finally, choose suppliers committed at all times, in sunny weather and big storms.

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