pin Haribo Goldbears – Little bears with a heart of gold

Haribo Goldbears – Little bears with a heart of gold

Everyone knows them – and for good reason. After all, this unmistakable original has delighted fans big and small, young and old since 1922, when Hans Riegel laid the first foundation stone for HARIBO’s success when he invents the DANCING BEAR – a fruit gummy bear that would one day become world-famous as the legendary HARIBO Goldbear. It was bigger than today’s Goldbears, but also slimmer.

In 1967, the Haribo Goldbears are officially recognized as a registered trademark by the German Patent Office. They are simply more than just gummy bears!

With flavors ranging from pineapple to lemon, the six colorful Goldbears represent one thing above all else: irresistible joy that is fun to share.

All lined up in a row, the annual production of Goldbears would wrap around the world ten times.

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