pin Health and wellness in Travel Retail

Health and wellness in Travel Retail

The renowned travel research agency "m1nd-set" recently referred to the growth of the wellness sector across key markets, while commenting on the global consumer mindset on mental and physical health while traveling internationally and the resulting significant opportunities for the related product categories in the global Travel Retail marketplace.

The majority of travelers are now more concerned about their physical health (87%) and mental well-being (73%), than they were before the pandemic. Over one-third of international travelers say they feel stressed at some point during their trip, which suggests that appropriate marketing could trigger incremental spending on the health and wellness categories.

The research also reveals the desire among traveling consumers for wellness opportunities within the Travel Retail environment, as represented by DFD’s brands ‘Goli’ Nutrition supplements and ‘Manduka’ Yoga mats. Relaxation and meditation are the number one preferred activities, as expressed by 36% of international travelers.

The global wellness category is currently valued at more than US 4 billion and set to grow by around 10% over the next 2 to 3 years. Personal health products are the leading sub-category in wellness, followed by beauty/skin-care products and fitness products/services.- In terms of markets, Asia Pacific is the leading region for the wellness industry, followed by North America and Europe.

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