pin How AfterShokz can help you work from home

How AfterShokz can help you work from home

Unlike traditional headphones that use speakers to transmit sound, AfterShokz headphones are powered by bone conduction technology. Transducers send mini vibrations through the cheekbones and deliver sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum completely. This leaves your ear canals open, allowing you to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds.

For those currently working from home or anticipating doing so in the future, we have rounded up all the ways AfterShokz can be your new favorite coworker:

On conference calls

Make sure you are being considerate of others in your living space by taking your calls through your AfterShokz headphones. Premium audio and dual noise-canceling mics ensure that all your calls will be crystal-clear.

When a little motivation is needed

If you are missing the noise that comes with your usual office environment or you work better when listening to something, put on your AfterShokz and play the soothing sounds of “coffee shop background noise”, or queue up the latest episode of your favorite podcast and get to work!

Even when playing your favorite content while working, with the open-ear design of AfterShokz wireless headphones you will never miss any calls to your home phone.

When the kids are around

Parenting is a full-time job on top of your work, making it a tough challenge! Concentrate with your favorite music while still being able to “keep an ear” on the kids.


Are you interested in AfterShokz for your travel retail business? Please contact Alejo Lopez de Armentia – Category Manager for Electronics.

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