pin Hydro Flask’s Refill For Good

Hydro Flask’s Refill For Good

Hydro Flask presents Refill For Good, a campaign that encourages people to make good changes for good reasons. 

Hydro Flask gear can replace single-use plastics like plastic water bottles and to-go containers. #RefillForGood is the brand's rally cry to encourage people to make the switch and do our part for the planet.

These are some of the many alarming predictions that Hydro Flask exposes to achieve change: 

Hydro Flask’s #RefillForGood Advocates provide some helpful tips:

"Take on the habit of leaving the house with reusable items (utensils, straw, bottles, reusable bags) just like your keys and wallet”. Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Royer - Oceanographer, science advisor, and plastic and microfiber researcher


"Source biodegradable, degradable materials where possible and, of course, do your best to avoid single-use plastic water bottles, especially when alternatives exist." – Dr- Cliff Kapono - Chemist and journalist, professional surfer


"Try and avoid single-use plastic where possible. Be prepared, take a Hydro Flask and embrace the refilling revolution, we need to move away from a single-use 'throw away culture'." Laura Sanderson - Former educator, current adventure activist


3           Easy ways to make changes for good:


  1. Make a switch to a reusable bottle
  2. Ditch the clamshell containers
  3. Stand up against single-use straws


Interested in Hydro Flask for your travel retail business? Please contact Jason Restrepo – Category Manager for Outdoors.


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