pin Creativity Built with Imagination: LEGO® Classic Bricks Bricks Plates

Creativity Built with Imagination: LEGO® Classic Bricks Bricks Plates

Packed with ideas and inspiration, LEGO® Classic Bricks Bricks Plates invites kids to build, play and rebuild. This open-ended construction toy unleashes creative potential and provides educational benefits that will last a lifetime.

Children can build whatever they imagine with a rainbow of bricks of various colors and shapes, including wheels, windows, doors and eyes, plus 4 16x16 post base plates. Always with ease of learning in mind, LEGO® Classic Bricks Bricks Plates offer clear guides to help kids build simple LEGO® toys right away: a frog, a pirate ship, an elephant or a castle ... before building their own cool models.

The baseplates hold building bricks at any angle-- even upside down-- yet releasing them with minimal effort, to transport and display models once building stops. Much more than a toy, this is an open-ended creative building that puts ideas and inspiration in the hands of children. Fun templates and easy guides help you get started. As they discover the joy of building their own creations, they learn valuable skills that last a lifetime.

All in a box of colorful LEGO® bricks that inspire creative building for ages 4 and up, with easy-to-build model ideas and endless free-building fun. A construction starter set packed with creative possibilities.

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