pin LEGO, developing your imagination

LEGO, developing your imagination

The Lego company is well positioned to be a dominant force in the global toy industry. Despite the COVID19 health contingency, sales of Lego products increased by 21% compared to the 2019 report. This increase resulted from purchases made in both, physical and virtual stores, by families who enjoy playing with these blocks at home.

Through its large product line portfolio, LEGO® offers a great variety of entertainment for all ages, from children to adults, including collectors. Lego never ceases to surprise us with exclusive designs and new products deriving from our favorite characters, movies, sagas and iconic buildings, among others.

The LEGO® Technic building system has been developed to recreate more complex models, offering versatile experiences for children, teenagers and adults. Each model has been inspired by a real vehicle with authentic operating functions, such as a rescue helicopter.

LEGO® City offers a varied game experience based on reality. It enables children to create their own city and build up a story which helps kids to develop some of the elementary skills they need for life. Each set is not only “one more for the collection”, it's a new chance to create a child’s new world. They will be able to recreate a Police Highway Arrest set, a Race Boat Transporter, a Burger Bar Fire Rescue, or a Mail Plane. Let them sprout wings and fly away with Lego!

With LEGO® Creator, kids are able to experience with building houses, cars, airplanes and also animals, such as the Fire Dragon. Each box offers 3 different models; kids can spend hours building and rebuilding with these bricks. When a story ends, these bricks will be ready to construct an up-to-the-minute model which will take children to living a new adventure.

Happiness is the way that babies contextualize their development. LEGO® Duplo allows to create something bigger!  Duplo bricks motivate babies to develop the basic skills, like counting as well as cognitive development, which are important tools for life. LEGO® Duplo aims to improve emotional aspects such as resilience, self-expression, communication and confidence. Little kids can reinforce the aforementioned aspects by constructing a Unicorn or an Airport with Lego bricks.

LEGO® NINJAGO® is inspired by a TV animated series about a Ninja’s world; it includes fantastic details, characters, dragons, robots and vehicles. LEGO® NINJAGO® offers many Ninja sets, like the Kai's Mech Jet set. Children can build an entire Ninja world, so…Who will be the winner in this battle?

The Avengers are fighting to save the world and need help!  With LEGO® Marvel® children have the opportunity to build and take part of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Universe.  LEGO® Marvel® allows to share the best adventures on a set, as the Avengers Wrath of Loki set. Which universe will you build today?

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