Duty Free Dynamics joins LEGO fans in celebrating January 28th

In January 28th, LEGO fans celebrates the anniversary of this date in 1958 when Danish carpenter Godtfred Kirk Christiansen filed an application for a patent on the original Lego Brick System.

This is how and when LEGO started its tradition of making toy buildings, vehicles, creatures, machines and anything imaginable that can be taken apart and put back together as often as desired, while leading to endless creative play with these incredibly ingenious and enriching toys.

From the beginning as a small carpenter workshop until now coming from a modern global enterprise, LEGO’s Bricks have found their way into homes and hearts around the world as the most famous and influential toys ever.

These little plastic colored bricks have been sparkling creativity and joy in children and adults alike. They appear in works of art, as educational tools in books and film, in book/video games and in robotics competition.