pin Lessening Our Footprint

Lessening Our Footprint

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all and consumer brands are key in leading this change by being the example. This is why at Duty Free Dynamics, we value the sustainable footprint of our partners, and want to share two excellent examples by Teva and TOMS.

Teva was pioneered in 1984 and offers footwear and related accessories for those who enjoy outdoor activities, whether it be camping, hiking or watersports. The brand is known to use recycled materials and reduced packaging for their products, making them as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Teva transitioned in 2020 to making 100% of their iconic shoe straps from traceable verifiable recycled plastic using REPREVE® yarn. They have also diverted 40 million plastic bottles from landfills and put them to better use on their sandals. 

“755 tons of used plastic bottles are cleaned, shredded and turned into little pellets. That's over 950,000 pounds of plastic that won't end up in the ocean, being mistaken for sea turtle food. The cleaned and prepped pellets are then spun into yarn, and that yarn is woven into the ultra-strong webbing in our footwear,” states the brand on their website. 

Another footwear brand that is similarly dedicated to improving lives through various ways of giving back to the planet is TOMS. They are committed to making sustainable choices —from the materials and vendors they choose to the way they ship each product. 

TOMS states “We’re expanding our sustainable business practices, like sourcing greener packaging and reducing our carbon footprint. We’re also offering more earthwise™ shoes and eyewear, all of which use earth-friendly materials and processes, such as organic cotton, REPREVE® recycled polyester, plant dyed canvas, and biodegradable frames. We strive for transparency, and to implement policies that support a positive impact on both our workforce and planet.” 

Duty Free Dynamics is proud to distribute two apparel innovators not only in footwear but in sustainability. If you are interested in purchasing Teva or TOMS products, you can contact our category manager, Jason Restrepo, [email protected].

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