pin Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

This lightweight, black-DLC-coated titanium version of Oris' professional diver's watch is one of the most precise and legible watches Oris has ever produced. Where most chronographs carry 30-minute counters, this has a full 60-minute counter, indicated by yellow detailing on the subdial at 12 o'clock. Only 500 were made.



Rotation Safety System

The Oris Dive Control Limited Edition was developed in partnership with Roman Frischknecht, a Swiss commercial diver who spends his working life deep underwater, servicing the subsea industry. Working with Roman, Oris developed the patented Rotation Safety System, or RSS, which features on every ProDiver and is designed to lock a watch’s diving bezel securely in place during a dive. This innovative device has become an Oris signature.

1. Activating RSS

Hold the bezel’s black vulcanized rubber edge and then lift it. This will release the RSS’s lock and the bezel’s black ceramic minutes scale top ring. When activated, a yellow ring will appear around the edge of the top ring.

2. Setting the timer

With the yellow ring now visible, turn the top ring anti-clockwise and align the number on it that corresponds to your allocated dive time with the watch’s minutes hand.

3. Securing the time

Once in place, push the top ring down until it clicks into position. The timer scale is now secure and you are ready to begin your dive.

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