pin Panamanian artist Gennaro Rodriguez chooses ORIS

Panamanian artist Gennaro Rodriguez chooses ORIS

Gennaro Rodríguez Marino, the young promise of Panamanian art with great international projection, opened the doors of his atelier to present the latest models of the watch brand ORIS, the Swiss firm with which the artist shares values and love for aesthetics.

ORIS, a brand that Duty Free Dynamics distributes exclusively in Central America, has always been characterized for being a genuine, unique and exclusive watchmaker; its independent spirit that allows it to create and explore different functions and features has made it essential in the collections of watch lovers around the world.

ORIS, like Gennaro Rodriguez, creates art in its timepieces. To do so, it uses new techniques, innovates in the mechanisms and focuses on offering the highest quality and durability.

That's Gennaro Rodriguez

The young Panamanian artist and architect, empirical, dreamer, and hard worker, is also a great friend who enjoys living from what makes him happy. He always pushes himself to do more every day and believes it is important to create opportunities and projects that encourage and promote painting as a window to reach the sky.

A promising Latin American artist who has managed to make important collaborations with the Mayor's Office of Panama for the commemoration of the 500 years of Panama La Vieja, as well as with different companies and organizations. This year, a new partnership of the artist is born together with ORIS and thanks to Duty Free Dynamics. "I prefer to have a high quality, genuine watch that is of the finest quality and from a brand that is authentic," says Gennaro. "When ORIS came into my life, it reminded me of the importance of staying original, of being authentic. I'm not a commercial person, I'm a genuine person."

An authentic artist who loves quality watches like ORIS.

 "When I met ORIS, I loved it because ORIS does not depend on anything, it is original, autonomous, authentic, unique. ORIS is its brand, it's independent" the artist tells us. "That's something I really like, because ORIS is designed for people who believe in their dreams in a solitary way and who stick to them. When you stick with it, you have quality."

Gennaro considers himself as a good friend and a person who, from a young age, sought to break schemes to be and do what makes him happiest: "My family is very conservative when it comes to work. It was difficult to break out of the mold, studying architecture was super crazy because no one in my family studied engineering or architecture, so I was the first to break that barrier. In particular, I always liked the theme of design, colors, spaces..." mentions Gennaro in this exclusive interview for Duty Free Dynamics.

From Panama to Barcelona and the world

With studies in Structural Architecture and in Administration with emphasis in construction; and after a tour through the streets of Barcelona -where he contemplated a work by Françoise Nielly, which marked him and which he used as a source of inspiration- Gennaro Rodriguez has created an abstract world in his works. Part of his creation is based on spontaneity, without the use of patterns or sketches, being the ideal moment to create, define and imagine the work.

Using acrylics in paste and aerosol, he seeks to highlight the combination of techniques between traditional and modern. Influenced by architecture and fashion, achieving an abstract composition of lines and volumes where everything is connected in a subtle and balanced way, always looking for a visual balance in a sea of modern and retro colors.

In addition, there is an element in his works that makes us recognize the author: a dachshund with which Gennaro Rodriguez identifies himself; not only because it was his first pet, but also because he considers it a representation of himself contemplating the work: "I am shaping myself, making a denotation of the creative process of an artist alone, the dog being an organic being that is alone and observing the work. The dog is my distinctive sign, always in blue, because blue reflects my nostalgia."

Thanks to that spirit of freedom that characterizes him, Gennaro currently has a presence in Panama and in several galleries in Latin America, as well as invitations to exhibit his works in France and the United Arab Emirates.

"It's Swiss and it's ORIS!"

"When I'm at an event, in a gallery, or even on the street, people come up to me to ask me what watch or what brand it is that I wear, to which I happily answer: it's Swiss and it's ORIS!".

Being the friend of a brand has nothing to do with the box office, social networks, or how many followers you have; but how you live your life, what your values are, how you apply them in society, and how you demonstrate the virtues you possess. Go your own way!

Interested in ORIS for your travel retail business? Please contact Francisco Suarez Category Manager for Watches at DFD.

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