pin Seiko announces museum relocation and brand ambassador appointment

Seiko announces museum relocation and brand ambassador appointment

Celebrating the 160th anniversary of its founder’s birth, Kintaro Hattori, the Seiko Museum was relocated from Sumida-ku to Seiko’s birthplace, Ginza, now becoming The Seiko Museum Ginza.

The new museum building has 6 floors, each displaying a particular theme, including about 500 exhibits and presentations related to time and timepieces. The 2nd floor is the Kintaro Hattori Room, where visitors can follow his challenges and efforts, while leading the way in modernizing Japan’s timepiece industry. Kintaro remains known as the King of Timepieces in the East.

In other exhibits, visitors can experience the technology involved in sports timing, which is inseparably connected with the history of Seiko’s sports watches, that have supported so many adventurers taking on extreme challenges.

Also part of this event, was the appointment of highly regarded actor and Kabuki performer Ichikawa Ebizo as an ambassador of the Seiko Group, who joined Shinji Hattori – Chairman and group CEO, Seiko Holdings Corp – to inaugurate the new Seiko Museum Ginza. This appointment is one of the brand’s initiatives to promote Japan’s culture, tradition and craftsmanship throughout the world,  inspired by the shared connection to Ginza and the mutual regard for tradition and innovation as represented by both, traditional timepieces and performing arts.

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