pin Seiko's Message: Keep Going Forward

Seiko's Message: Keep Going Forward

Seiko celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Prospex Diver’s Watch with the campaign #KeepGoingForward.

In a year marked by adversity, Seiko wants to share the story of the Prospex Diver’s Watch; A reminder that progress is not linear but consistent in its willingness to overcome obstacles. While the watch has been reinvented and improved over time, it has always maintained the principles of high quality and performance.

The award-winning Diver’s Watch can undergo harsh conditions, being water-resistant, shock-resistant, and legible. Most importantly, it is reliable, as it was designed to walk hand-in-hand with adventurers in every obstacle they may face.


“Hearts aren’t moved by statistics or records.
You choose one road in life, and go straight.
Through the journey, you may lose track of time, but never your sense of direction.
And only with this passionate belief, can we move the needle of the world forward.”


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