pin Smurfs Pouch, a Sweet Haribo Fantasy

Smurfs Pouch, a Sweet Haribo Fantasy

What could be more fun and delightful than spending time on the road with Smurfs Pouch?…A 12 pack of 4-ounce bags from the leading German confectionery company Haribo.

Filled with little blue Smurf shapes and their colorful caps in the fruity flavors of raspberry and strawberry, this treat makes any occasion a little more joyous…Deliciously fat free!

Haribo demands the highest standards of quality in the basic ingredients used in their products. That is why it only uses absolutely perfect raw materials. Gummi products are made from a mixture of glucose syrup (makes them clear), sugar and dextrose (for sweetness), and gelatin (for "chewing”). Fruit and plant extracts, flavors, colors and a little citric acid are added to this mixture.


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