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TEVA - Strap In To Freedom Campaign

Spring 20 showcases Teva’s commitment to a key brand value—freedom— through their Strap In To Freedom campaign.
For Teva, the freedom to adventure and the freedom of expression is best realized in a world working towards a more sustainable future. By moving to the use of 100% recycled plastics in the polyester webbings, Teva reduces their impact, giving future generations the freedom to explore the modern outdoors.
Strap In To Freedom takes us on an epic adventure across the modern outdoors of Mexico—from the city streets of Ciudad de Mexico, to the ruins of Tepoztlán, to fording rivers on horseback in Oaxaca, and exploring the markets of Puerto Escondido. Through actions, styling and location, you will see freedom of expression and exploration brought to life by their diverse group of models, with Teva Originals securely strapped to their feet.
The straps on these Originals are now made with 100% recycled plastic, which leads Teva to their sustainability initiative, Less Plastic, More Freedom. Thanks to a successful collaboration with an experienced agency in the sustainability space, they've crafted a meaningful message and created stunning visuals that feel undoubtedly Teva. By taking a truly unique and artful approach to how recycled plastics are made into webbings, they have produced something beautiful and informative.

Interested by the brand? Please contact Gregory Secret, Business developer - Brand Manager for the Footwear category.

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