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How Thule Contributes to Sustainability

At DFD, we believe in sustainability as a principle of business relationships. Not only do we act in a sustainable way, but we work hand in hand with brands that also take sustainability as a value and translate it into innovation to improve lives.

Today, we want to tell you about Thule, a friendly brand that contributes, with its own commercial actions and business philosophy, to a more sustainable world through innovative, high-quality products, manufactured in a responsible way and that motivates people to actively live the outdoors.

The first requirement for sustainable practices is integrity and being consistent with our actions. That is a value that we have seen at Thule since we have known its products: outdoors life is always their priority. They continually seek to lessen their impact on the climate and the environment… Precisely because of that, it’s all about customers, employees, everybody, enjoying an active life outdoors, now and in the future.

"For us, conducting our activities ethically and taking into account the environment is something we take for granted, and we have incorporated it into our daily work and also into our long-term plans. In fact, it is present in all components of our company.” -excerpt from the Thule philosophy.

They are passionate about developing smart and innovative products that make enjoying an active life easier. Its product development is founded on four pillars:



Sustainable design

In their own words, it’s very simple: products that last longer are better for the environment, which is why smart, high-quality technical solutions with sophisticated product design are the foundation of their sustainability initiatives.

To complete a sustainable business life cycle, Thule adheres to climate and environmentally conscious product development, lower manufacturing impact, conscious material choice, energy efficient manufacturing, optimized packaging and high material usage recycling.

Inspired by the famous saying “Only the strongest survive”, Thule is on a path of continuous improvements to ensure their products meet their high demands for ease of use, quality, functionality and consumer health and safety.

Products are tested at the Thule Test Center in Sweden, through a program that includes testing for vibration, shock fatigue and environmental impact, among others, in addition to the many volunteer tests among its employees and partners.

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