This is a solid solar watch, charged by any light with a two-month power reserve. The polyresin case adds strength without the pack-weight of metal. Tactical dial indicators, luminescent hands and military time make it mission-ready.

- Movement: solar.
- Strap material: textile. Strap made of fabric. It is lightweight and adapts well to the wrist.
- Date - the day of the month. Displays the current day of the month period from 1 to 31 December.
- Water resistance: 50M/5ATM. Watches marked with water tightness 50M/5ATM are designed for incidental contact with water (car wash, rain), but also for surface swimming without diving. 50M/5ATM indicates the degree of water resistance standardized by ISO 2281. ISO tests include temperature changes, depth, pressure (water and air) for different times under rest and during manipulation with the operative part of the watch.
- Crystal: acrylate. The glass is made from plastic (acrylate). The main advantage is its high flexibility and therefore more resistant to damage. Its disadvantage is a greater susceptibility to scratches.
- Closure type: Standard closing. The most widely used method of fastening, which is mainly used in leather and silicone straps. Simply turn on the buckle into the required holes as needed.

Are you interested? Please contact Monica Martinez, Business developer - Brand Manager for the Timex Watches.

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