pin Duty Free Dynamics Welcomes Zippo to Its Brand Portfolio

Duty Free Dynamics Welcomes Zippo to Its Brand Portfolio

Duty Free Dynamics is pleased to announce the introduction of a new brand to its portfolio; none other than Zippo, one of the world’s leading lighter manufacturers.


Zippo originated in a small Pennsylvania town at a time when the United States was in its worst depression in history. Even though their story began at a dark moment, Zippo was able to light a spark that has kept on growing throughout decades. Their success came about through initiative, hard work, innovation and ingenious marketing, creating a durable and functional product that offers customers attentive service and a lifetime warranty.  


Zippo is known for their all-American authenticity, their immediate recognition and their determination to reignite their customers’ loyalty through their innovative launches and their high-quality, timeless classic lighters. 


The alliance between Duty Free Dynamics and Zippo represents an optimum travel retail market opportunity, combining Zippo’s loyal fan-base of collectors with Duty Free Dynamics’ experience as a partner of excellence in the areas of coverage and distribution. 


About Duty Free Dynamics:

DFD is a distributor of premier global lifestyle brands within the Travel Retail channel of the Americas. It offers a comprehensive value-added proposition: proven expertise as a leader in the development and success of diverse product categories, utilizing an avant-garde market approach. DFD has offices and warehousing facilities, as well as strategic platforms in Latin America and the US. These locations offer convenience to our brand partners and efficient servicing to our operators throughout North America, The Caribbean and Latin America.  For more information please visit:


Interested in Zippo for your travel retail business? Please contact María Villarreal – Commercial Director

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