pin  Zoom-on: HARIBO Happy Cola

Zoom-on: HARIBO Happy Cola

The classic HARIBO cola flavored treat, loved by young and old!

Enjoy the cool cola flavor of HARIBO Happy Cola. Part of the HARIBO’s travel retail assortment, cola bottles in pocket-size have been quenching thirst for adventure for more than 50 years, on the go and at all the really good parties. And it’s no wonder, as every bottle conceals a little adventure of its own.

Available in a 250g format for till points, HARIBO pouches enhance visibility and brand awareness. The premium packaging with high-quality bag and resealable top guarantees HARIBO Happy Cola freshness and easy consumption, anytime, anywhere.


100 years of Haribo: from a small kitchen to a global market leader

1920: A small sweets company

Born in Friesdorf near Bonn in 1893, Hans Riegel trains to be a confectioner and becomes a partner in the Heinen & Riegel company. He founds HARIBO (HAns RIegel BOnn) on December 13, 1920 and launches his sweets production in a small kitchen with nothing more than a sack of sugar, a marble slab, a stool, a stove, a copper pot and a rolling pin. His wife Gertrud becomes the new company’s first employee in 1921. 

1922: The DANCING BEAR sees the light of day

Hans Riegel lays the first foundation stone for HARIBO’s success when he invents the DANCING BEAR, a fruit gummy bear that would one day become world-famous as the legendary HARIBO Goldbear. It was bigger than today’s Goldbears, but also slimmer. Two DANCING BEARS cost just one Pfennig in Germany, which is currently in the grip of inflation.

1925: Liquorice produced for the first time

The second foundation stone in HARIBO’s success story: Hans Riegel begins producing liquorice products. Liquorice sticks with HARIBO lettering are one of the first customer favorites, soon followed by many other specialities such as the world-famous Liquorice Wheels of today. And the DANCING BEAR welcomes a cousin: the BLACK BEAR.

1960: The Goldbears are born!

The HARIBO Goldbears hit the market. The huge success of the sweet cult product prompts HARIBO to have an official “birth certificate” issued for the Goldbears: in 1967, the German Patent Office officially recognizes the Goldbears as a registered trademark. They’re simply more than just gummy bears.

2020: HARIBO: 100 years young

The family business in its third generation will celebrate its anniversary on December 13, 2020. HARIBO products have represented delicious sweet snacks and brought about small moments of joy for 100 years.


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