pin 5 “Pro” tips for video conferencing

5 “Pro” tips for video conferencing

Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic changed the way business is done worldwide. Not only we had to get used to working from home, but also do it remotely through video calls or video conferences.

Even if you've been doing video calls constantly for months, we bring you some practical tips to help you be more prepared and perform even better.

1. Dress appropriately from top to bottom

Yes, it's a basic advice, but we bet that many of you, though dressed from the waist up, have pajama pants during your calls. If you stand up suddenly and forget to turn off the camera, it could be disastrous.

2. Close applications and programs 

Before a video call, close any applications or programs that you will not be using during the call, especially those that use too much CPU power, so your computer has a better performance.

3. Take precautions before sharing your screen

Go to your browser and close the tabs you don't want anyone else to see. Also, enable the “Do not disturb" feature to prevent incoming messages from distractions.

4. Allow asynchronous meetings

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it’s not possible to bring together members located in different parts of the world or even at the same time.

Minor meetings can be recorded and then shared with the team members who couldn’t be present, so the sequence of subjects wouldn’t be disrupted.

5. Engage attendees

"The majority of people can better recall content from a video call when the presenter and content are displayed simultaneously," says Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi, a presentation software company.

According to a Prezi survey, some 85% of U.S. and U.K. employees find presentations showing a video of both, presenter and graphics, more engaging.

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