pin Marking the Path for a More ¨Livable¨ World: How to Share the Road with Cyclists!

Marking the Path for a More ¨Livable¨ World: How to Share the Road with Cyclists!

It seems incredible that, in a world in which renewable energy and health are becoming more and more important, car accidents with bicycles continue to occur, in many cases resulting in tragedies. Promoted by our friends at Aftershokz, inspired by their concern about this situation and consistent with our approach to a sustainable lifestyle, we have prepared some simple tips regarding the respect owed to cyclists on the road.

# 1 Pass cyclists safely

Be sure to give cyclists room when passing them. Whenever possible and safe, motorists should move into an adjacent lane to pass the bicyclist. Passing cyclists must also be done slowly.

# 2 Be attentive to cyclists’ hand signals

Try to learn the basic hand signals used by cyclists to better anticipate their movements. For example, an extended left arm indicates a left turn, while a left arm extended at a 90-degree angle or an extended right arm indicates a right turn.

# 3 Avoid distractions when driving, as well as doing it while impaired.

Driving while intoxicated is a severe risk, both for the driver and for everyone else on the road. Driving distracted by checking your cell phone is also a danger. The driver must be fully aware of his surroundings and remain alert at all times.

# 4 Check your mirrors and blind spots

Mirrors and blind spots should be checked for invisible passengers and turn signals should be used to indicate your next move.

# 5 Stay out of bike lanes

The bike lane should not be used for anything other than biking. Do not create a dangerous situation where cyclists would have to maneuver around you; accordingly, also refrain from parking on the bike lane.

If both, cyclists and motorists, continue to implement safe practices, we can work together to make the roads safer, accident-free and more enjoyable for everyone.

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