pin Duty Free Dynamics introduces its new CEO, Martin Mairal

Duty Free Dynamics introduces its new CEO, Martin Mairal

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Martin Mairal as the new CEO of the company. With extensive experience in the industry and a successful international career, Mr. Mairal joins DFD to lead its commitment to growth and expansion in the global Travel Retail market.

He has been leading another company within the group, with a much more extensive global coverage, establishing a direct presence in four continents with its own platforms. His global experience, filled with valuable insights, is crucial for continuing DFD's plans for expansion and growth.

His strategic vision and track record make him the ideal candidate to lead Duty Free Dynamics at this exciting phase. In his first public statements, he wanted to highlight the following:

“As time goes by or, better said, flies buy, the speed of change is growing exponentially, and in many cases, not gradually but rather taking big leaps. We've seen it after the effects of the pandemic or with the expansion of AI. It seems that the concept of disruption is becoming increasingly present.

Purchasing habits also change rapidly. With the new (and not so new) generations, the pursuit of enjoyment frequently revolves around experiences, starting to coexist with the purely material. We are increasingly inclined to indulge in pleasures such as traveling, gastronomy or discovering new things. We want omnichannel experiences, where the line between physical and virtual realms blurs and amplifies, while simultaneously expecting personalization and immediacy. This supposes a great opportunity and a great challenge for all of us working in the Travel Retail channel. It was Darwin who taught us that “…it is not the strongest or the most intelligent the one who survives, it’s the one who best adapts to change”.

We might not be the sole creators of change, but we must definitely be a part of it; adapting to this and to what’s coming our way is crucial”

Under his leadership, in this initial stage, DFD is focused on three fundamental pillars. Firstly, we are working to further increase the added value that DFD offers to brands, by generating additional volume of business for them, while ensuring a consistent brand image and an exceptional experience in all territories where we operate. Secondly, we aim to strengthen strategic alliances with our network of retail operators, by providing them with logistical support through our global platform, as well as commercial and marketing support, and offering new business opportunities and partnerships. And thirdly, we are driving the expansion of Duty Free Dynamics by extending the commercial platforms in Barcelona in the coming months to service the EMEA market, and by establishing teams in APAC in 2024 based directly on the existing platforms in those regions.

The arrival of Mr. Martin Mairal as CEO marks a new chapter in the history of Duty Free Dynamics. His strategic leadership, global experience, and customer-centric approach will help us achieve new levels of success and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Travel Retail industry.

Please join us in extending the warmest welcome to Mr. Martin Mairal.

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