pin Lindt | LINDOR Milk Tube

Lindt | LINDOR Milk Tube

The smoothest creation of the Lindt master chocolatiers

In 1949, the Lindt master chocolatiers were given the task of crafting chocolate with an irresistibly smooth filling that would create a completely new and unique chocolate experience. They happily took on the challenge and created what is known today as LINDOR. When you break its delicate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt gently carrying you away in moments of bliss.

A travel retail best-seller, the LINDOR Milk Tube of 400g (428817) is an attractive offer for self-consumption and cash till areas. It represents a great opportunity to attract new and lower spending consumer groups in travel retail. Available in a premium look for enhanced gifting appeal. 

Are you interested? Please contact David Ruiz, Brand Manager of DFD's confectionery cluster. 

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