pin Lindt | Tasting with 5 senses

Lindt | Tasting with 5 senses

Lindt chocolates are known worldwide for their incomparable, unique taste and fine melting texture. The creation of such fine chocolates is an art that requires considerable expertise, experience, dedication and passion for uncompromised quality.

Tasting chocolate is also and art, which is why it should be made in a calm atmosphere, so you can concentrate on your senses to fully experience the richness of a chocolate. Before tasting, do not smoke or eat any highly spiced foods.

Begin the tasting with the chocolate that has the lowest percentage of cocoa. You can start with white chocolate, then milk chocolate and finally, dark chocolate. Neutralize your palate in between each tasting with white bread, weakly brewed rose hip tea or mineral water.

All set? Follow this guide to tune in your senses:

  1. SIGHT

The first impression is also important when it comes to chocolate tasting. Therefore, you should first pay attention to the chocolate’s appearance – color, an even structure and sheen.

  1. TOUCH

Now you can assess the structure of the surface (from smooth to rough or grainy).

  1. HEAR

Hold a piece of chocolate to your ear and break it. Pay attention to the noise it makes: it may be distinct or rather dull. High-quality unfilled chocolate breaks with a distinctly perceivable cracking sound. The edge of the break is smooth and without crumbs.

  1. SMELL

You can use your nose to perceive the chocolate’s many aromas: You can either inhale its scent by holding a piece directly under your nose or you can let the chocolate melt in your mouth, breathe out and then inhale the aromas.

  1. TASTE

We now come to the most intense experience of chocolate tasting: Let a piece slowly melt in your mouth. Spread the chocolate with your tongue to bring it in contact with your taste nerves. Enjoy!

From smooth melting LINDOR, to the thin, refined elegance of an EXCELLENCE bar, Lindt Master Chocolatiers take pride in creating a chocolate experience.

If you are interested in Lindt chocolates for your travel retail business, please contact David Ruiz, Category Manager for Confectionery.

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