pin Duty Free Dynamics Welcomes the Chinese New Year

Duty Free Dynamics Welcomes the Chinese New Year

Today, January 12, 2021 marks the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which ends on January 31, 2022.


Chinese New Year celebrations are known as the Spring Festival, which lasts approximately 23 days. The millenary Chinese culture considers this celebration particularly important and strongly cultural.


The Spring Festival is the biggest holiday on the planet, celebrated by one-sixth of the world’s population and the cause of the largest human migration in the world. Even though population mobilizations are being contained, being a time of celebration and reunion, travel rates have increased considerably.


The Chinese horoscope is ruled by the 12 zodiacal animals and every 12 years the cycle repeats itself. In 2021, we say farewell to the Year of the Rat and welcome the Year of the Ox.


The year of the Ox is expected to be characterized by hard work, patience, success and strong family relationships.

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