pin Faber Castell… a world of colors

Faber Castell… a world of colors

Duty Free Dynamics is very proud of its travel retail partnership with Faber-Castell, global leading manufacturers of wood-cased pencils. Founded in Germany in 1761, it’s one of the oldest industrial companies in the world, owned by the same family for nine generations, now operating 14 factories throughout the globe with a brand presence and products being sold in 22 countries.

Faber-Castell produces more than 2.3 billion wood-cased pencils in more than 120 different colors every year. These pencils are a ‘must-have’ among children, enthusiasts and professionals around the world who, for their writing and drawing, can select from beautiful collections such as Arts & Graphics, Playing & Learning and Creativity for Kids, among others.

The company grows about 20 cubic meters of wood—one truck-load—every hour, only uses wood from sustainably managed forests and is world renowned for their high quality, innovative products, commitment to tradition and environmental awareness.

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